Internal Bowling Competitions

2024 Competitions

Please find below the information for the 3 main internal competitions for 2024. If you are viewing on a mobile device or table (iPad, etc) you may wish to turn your device 90 degrees in order to view more easily.

All competitions are also posted to the main noticeboard in the clubhouse foyer. If you need to contact an opposing player, details are available in the private members area of the website. Scroll down this page to also see the May internal league draw and league standings.

Tinley Bates Merit

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Raymond Young Pairs

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Town Trophy Handicap

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May Individual League Draw & Standings


In recent years there have been delays in the playing of some matches for reasons such as holidays or illness and matches generally not being organised in good time. This, in turn, has made it difficult for others, in the next round, to play their matches by the designated date. Consequently, it has been agreed to be much stricter this year!

You have four weeks in which to play your matches in every internal competition round. These are clearly stated on every competition draw sheet.

As stated at the annual bowlers meeting, any matches not played will result in BOTH players being scratched from the competition. Please note on the draw sheet, the date by which your match should have been played. Health issues and being away on holiday are not being accepted as reasons for not playing your match. If a competitor/s are unable to play (their match), for whatever reason it is expected that they withdraw allowing their opponent/s in that round to go through to the next.

It is up to BOTH players to arrange to play your bowls match in the allotted time frame. You should contact your opponent as soon as possible to arrange to play. Telephone numbers of all members can be found on the wall in the secretary’s office.

Any matches not played by the designated date will result in one or all players being scratched from the competition. If both players are unable to play their match for good reason, spinning a coin should be used, to enable one player to progress through to the next round. John Ingham has taken on the role of overseeing the competition and he will “action” the scratching of players after the date deadline has passed. John Ingham should be contacted if problems are foreseen. He has the ultimate say on who progresses into the next round.

All semi-finals are due to be completed by 3rd August 2024. The final for each competition is the only date that is not set. The date for the final will be co-ordinated by John Ingham with the finalists and the President / Vice President to find an agreeable date for all. Whatever, the final must be played by the end of this season. If a player or players are unable to agree a finals date because of holidays or illness the trophy will be awarded to the other player or players.

Internal League competition currently overseen by Robin Marks.

If players fail to play their match in any month, they will be awarded no points. Robin Marks should be consulted on issues of difficulty in playing matches and he has ultimate say on what points are given, using the same principles as other competitions as outlined above.

  1. Members SHOULD NOT use the bowling green before the match on that day.
  2.  To decide who takes the jack a coin should be tossed – for all matches.
  3.  In the case of handicap competitions each bowler/s should start on their given handicap.