Useful information

Registering with BCGBA

Useful information for registering with the British Crown Green Bowls Association

To play in local league competition you must be a member of the British Crown Green Bowls Association (BCGBA).  Without a number you cannot be assigned to the various leagues that Greenroyd bowls in and this means you cannot bowl in the teams.

Please Click Here to download the registration form with BCGBA. Complete the form and send it back to obtain your unique number. Unfortunately, it currently costs £16.

The Club Name is: Greenroyd Bowling Club

The Club Membership number is: YOR10645

Once successfully registered you will receive a card with your number on. You need to then give John Ingham your number so he can put you on various league lists enabling you to play in these leagues. Until you do this you cannot play. His email is

Development Team

Monday night B team (captain Adrian Rose) is our “development “team where you will get opportunities to play in an external league match. So please consider playing on Monday evenings!

Bad Language

Please see below a letter from Halifax Association League Secretary which was sent to all clubs in the area