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Internal competition draw.

This has been now done. Please check on club room notice board for details of who you are playing and start planning when to play the match. Note deadlines for the match to be played by.

Tinley Bates - Preliminary round by Saturday 13th May and 1st round by 10th June
Town Trophy -  Preliminary round by Saturday 13th May and 1st round by 10th June
Raymond Young -  Preliminary round by Saturday 20th May and 1st round by 17th June

In recent years there have been delays in the playing of some matches for reasons such as holidays or illness. This, in turn, has made it difficult for others to play their matches by the designated date. Once again we are trying to improve this issue.
The 1st name / names of all matches are asked to organise / co-ordinate playing of the match.
If the second name / names of the match are not contacted within a reasonable time they should inform the adjudicator of the situation.
If the match is not played within the time deadline the adjudicator will make a decision on who goes through to the next round.
This year the adjudicator is Mr Ian Braithwaite.

1.     Members SHOULD NOT use the bowling green before the match on that day.
2.     To decide who takes the jack a coin should be tossed – for all matches.
3.     In the case of handicap competitions each bowler/s should start on their given handicap
Internal League Cup.
Those bowlers who are taking part in the internal league cup should be arranging matches scheduled for April and May now!
Upcoming social bowling event.
 Please watch out for notices in the club.
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