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The present:
Greenroyd enters 15 various mixed, ladies only and men only teams in five different local leagues.
These cater for different levels of ability and most emphasise participation and enjoyment rather than competition and winning.

Past & present Presidents:
2022 P.Hanson
2021 S. Ellis
2020 S. Ellis
2019 A. Walker
2018 T. Holden
2017 V.Murgatroyd
2016 J.Edwards
2015 R.W.Dixon
2014 R.J.R.Goodall
2013 J.McGowan
2012 C.J.Gostridge
2011 J.R.Ratcliffe
2010 D.Widdop
2009 P.Solan
2008 P.D.Hanson
2007 G.Wilson
2006 J.R.Ingham
2005 P.A.Shire
2004 M.J.Griffiths
2003 C.P.Giddings
2002 R.P.M.Marks
2001 R.W.Dixon
2000 F.M.F.Berry
1999 G.H.Hacker
1998 R.A.Bateman
1997 J.Mullan
1996 D.W.Smith
1995 J.M.Walker
1994 P.Kershaw
1993 A.W.Knowles
1992 D.W.Martin
1991 J.M.Stewart
1990 P.Haigh
1989 L.Smith
1988 R.Parkin
1987 J.S.Brearley
1986 J.R.Hargreaves
1985 A.E.Greenwood
1984 J.I.Helliwell
1983 D.M.Robinson
1982 J.Holden
1981 P.D.Butler
1980 T.Holden
1979 C.Thornton
1978 D.L.Farrar
1977 J.M.Stewart
1976 J.Hoyle
1975 H.T.Lee
1974 B.Westaway
1973 J.G.Brown
1972 G.K.Taylor
1971 J.Ackroyd
1970 J.T.Riley
1969 D.L.Smith
1968 G.J.Gardner
1967 R.Goldthorpe
1966 W.J.Perry
1965 H.Squire
1964 J.Walker
1963 B.J.Somerbutts
1962 C.G.Soppet
1961 G.H.Hackett
1960 L.S.Halliday
1959 F.D.Westaway
1958 N.Stead
1957 T.Greenwood
1956 C.H.Gledhill
1955 F.Short
1954 J.W.Greenwood
1953 T.Cuningham
1952 H.R.Riley
1951 H.M.Helliwell
1950 R.Foster
1949 E.W.Smith
1948 L.Palmer
1947 A.B.Ollerenshaw
1946 N.Wolfenden
1945 J.H.F.Town
1944 J.H.F.Town
1943 W.Patterson
1942 R.Western
1941 H.E.Rendell
1940 H.E.Rendell
1939 C.O.Dyson
1938 C.O,Dyson
1937 T.W.Shaw
1936 T.W.Shaw
1935 F.R.Brewster
1934 A.Cardus
1933 E.Cockcroft
1932 E.Cockcroft
1931 A Gledhill
1930 A Gledhill
1929 A.Park
1928 C.E.Roberts
1917 - 1927 No info available
1916 S.S.Bentley
1915 A.Wilson
1914 R.Henworthy
1913 J.I.Learoyd
1912 J.I.Learoyd
1911 J.I.Learoyd
1910 J.I.Learoyd
1909 J.I.Learoyd

2017/18: Further Renovations to the Clubhouse

Commencing in 2017 and completing in Feb 2018, the club house was completely redecorated and a conservatory added to the RHS frontage of the club (photo across).

The President (Vaughan Murgatroyd) officially re-opened the club on the10th of February 2018. The President can be seen cutting the ribbon (photo below left) and the members can be seen toasting the re-opening (photo below right).

2009: The centenary year

In order to commemorate the centenary year the club put up a clock above the clubhouse with funds raised through the weekly prize draw. On 25th May 2009 the unveiling ceremony took place.

2006 – 09: Renovations at the Clubhouse

In February 2006 the then President , John Ingham, initiated major changes to the clubhouse in four phases, which were completed in the Centenary Year.
Phase1 2006
New foyer / entranceway at the South end of the club.
Phase 2 2007
Complete renovation of the Gents toilets.
Phase 3 2008
Creation of new kitchen in existing cards room.
Phase 4 2009
New bar as per plan to allow creation of new Lounge area.
In addition to the above, the hut and surrounding area have been upgraded.

1988: Competetive Bowling

Prior to 1988 members played socially and competitively against each other but did not compete against other clubs.
However, the club decided to enter a team in the Halifax League on Wednesday evenings. The first match was on April 20th 1988. Back then the Halifax Courier gave much fuller reports on games than nowadays and the following, slightly condensed report appeared on the Bowls page on Saturday April 23rd 1988.
The team went on to gain promotion to Division Seven finishing champions in their first year.

1960s: Club facts
During the Sixties, the Club had around 200 members and a waiting list to join of 6-7 years. In those years the drinking and social elements of the club were a greater feature than they are today.
The Club was open six nights a week (closing on Sundays) and the bar was open from
7pm to 10.30 pm. Most evenings there were at least 30 members having a drink and playing snooker.
On Christmas Day the men would come to the club for a lunchtime drink with the President. Wives, however, were invited down on Boxing Day!
Ladies Day was held in the clubhouse with Ladies’ bowls and cards in the evening.
The Annual Dinner also took place at the clubhouse, when the snooker tables were dismantled and a proper sit down dinner was served by Barkers of Hebden Bridge.

1923: New Pavilion

The next significant event was on 28th August 1923, when the directors agreed to borrow 1,800 from the Halifax Equitable Benefit Building Society over a 20 year period to build a new pavilion. (The Equitable merged with the Permanent in 1928 to become the
Halifax Building Society).

1920s: Snooker

Snooker has been a longstanding part of social events at Greenroyd. The two tables currently being used date back to the 1920’s.

1914 – 18: The first World War

During the First World War many Greenroyd members fought. One person of note was Second Lieutenant George Ernest Lowe MC who fought on the Western Front in France. He died aged 34 on 28 October 1918. Son of Elias and Grace Lowe, of Halifax and husband of Florence Lowe of 2, Heath Hall, Halifax, he was laid to rest in the Montay-Neuvilly Cemetery in Northern France (below).
George died only two weeks before the signing of the Armistice on November 11th 1918.

The plaque in the clubhouse (RHS) commemorates both him and other members killed in action in the First World War

1910 - 17: Membership of the Club

Records show that by 1910 there were 56 members, which by 1917 had risen to 84.
 In the register of members the occupations reveal a bygone age— skin dealer, coppersmith, confectioner, woollen merchant, draper, cotton manufacturer, commercial traveller.
1911: Inter club Bowling
 The first reference to bowling with other clubs appears in the minutes of 6th March 1911, when it was agreed “that all ‘friendly games’ with any club be arranged through the Secretary and Committee”…..”and that fixtures be arranged with King Cross as follows—June 1st away, July 13th home, and that the secretary write to The Halifax Club with a view to arranging a fixture with them”.

1912: Annual dinner

On 26th August 1912 the Committee agreed to start preparations for the first

Annual Dinner, which took place at the Pavilion on 10th October 1912. At this time the main winter entertainment was the holding of whist drives.

1909: Greenroyd Bowling Club

A meeting of ‘interested persons’ took place on 5th January 1909 when it was resolved “that the gentlemen present form themselves into a Club to be called the Greenroyd Bowling Club. It was further resolved “that the Club Pavilion be opened at 9 a.m. and closed at 11 p.m. each day, except Sundays”.
The first General Meeting took place on 18th January 1909, when Mr J Ingham Learoyd was elected as President (a position that he held until 1913).
The pavilion was formally opened with a smoking concert on 28th January 1909. The green was officially opened on June 26th 1909 and there was an article in the Evening Courier.

1908: Greenroyd Bowling Club Limited 

A meeting of ‘interested persons’ was held on 29th May 1908 at the offices of Messrs. Learoyd and Sons Ltd in Halifax. It was agreed to form Greenroyd Bowling Club and purchase land belonging to J.H. Shaw at a price of 350

On 24th June 1908 the Committee considered tenders for contracting the green. The tender of 125 submitted by Mr J. Parker was accepted. It was further agreed to set up a company with 1,000 of capital and “that in connection with the above company a club be formed to be called Greenroyd Bowling Club; to consist of not more than 100 members, paying an annual subscription of 1.0.0. which will entitle each member to all privileges”.

On 11th September 1908 at a meeting of the directors, a tender from Parker Brothers was accepted “to erect a pavilion as good in every respect as the one at Sowerby Bridge, but three feet longer for the sum of ninety-five pounds”.
Greenroyd Bowling Club Company Limited was incorporated on 22nd September 1908. At a directors meeting on 30th October 1908 Mr J. Ingham Learoyd (see picture across) was appointed permanent chairman.

The History of Greenroyd bowling club was written by Philip Shire and edited by Vaughan Murgatroyd.
Greenroyd Bowling Club is available for sponsorship, contact 01422 353622 and ask to speak to a member of the committee.

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